About the WoW API

Blizzard has provided the community WoW API as a way for developers to get access to information about a wide variety of subjects within the World of Warcraft universe. LibWowAPI takes the provided information and creates strongly-typed classes that should be familiar for .NET developers to work with.

Data is accessed via SSL, so make sure that you are able to send requests on TCP Port 443.

While all regions are available through the API, some of the more recent resources are only made available to some regions first. Therefore, not all of the classes contained within the library are available in all regions.

Internationalization is provided by Blizzard. According to their documentation, only certain languages are available for each region. If you try to send a language that is not intended for that region, the language will default to the default language in that region. The exception to this appears to be en_US - all regions appear to translate data to US English.

Blizzard throttles access to their API by imposing a 3,000 daily limit of requests. Errors occur if this daily limit is exceeded, indicating that you've reached your request limit. You can get around this by applying for authentication with Blizzard. Upon approval, Blizzard will send you a public key and a private key to use in your application that identifies you to Blizzard.

For more information about the Blizzard WoW API, visit their page on GitHub.

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